What would you tell your grandchildren?

In the evaluation all participants were asked the question: " What do you think you would tell your grandchildren about this experience?"

Here are some of the answers.

First of all hat they should definitely participate in a YE. This project was one the best experiences for me, being in a boat was so different and truly something unique. The difficulties where there but with good friends and great atmosphere everything became a piece of cake.
In this project i understood all people are under different conditions but totally we are same. My granchildren, be global citizen and care others thoughts.
That no matter how small the chances are that you might be selected, don't give up and try. If you manage to get into the team, you will love the time in the exchange.
I will tell them everything about this wonderful experience
I will show a lot of beautiful photos. And inspire them to participate in this kind of projects!
Happiest moments until I was 19
That they have a yolo grandma!
I will say it was one of the greatest times if my life
It one of the best experiences of my life (It is the best experience of my life right now but until I become a grandma I guess I'll experience other good things too.)
It was one of the greatest opportunity for both sailing and participating.
If I have any, I will most probably tell them about how it was my first time traveling abroad alone and my first time in a youth exchange too.How great it is to learn about other cultures and explore new countries while also making international friends and learning about all sorts of stuff! And last but not least my first experience being on such a large ship ( with sails ) and sailing it myself!
That we had an awesome time, but it was a lot of hard work, and that they should definitely try something similar because it's so unique.
It was my door to the understanding of Democracy in other countries.
You should go.
I would tell my kids but I don't know about my grandchild's because my life I hope it's going to be long so I don't know what's going to happen later
That I met the most wonderful people
I will tell them about this amazing ship and the wonderful people, I was with
''Oh, my dear, grandchild, 70 years ago when I was still young and full of energy I participated in this wonderful project called ''Sailing Democracy 2017'' and I still remember it as it all happened just yesterday. I experienced the beauty of sailing, I met wonderful people (hopefully I will say that I still keep in touch with them) and I felt such lovely emotions. Even wind and rain couldn't ruin them, it gave it more action! But now, my sweet child, it's your time to take action in youth projects! This is an opportunity that everyone has to take part of! You will gain such a knowledge and experience that when you will be old, you are going to passionately share it with your grandchildren!''
That it was my first exchange experience and it made me a more liable person
You must go and know new culture and people


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