My Experience by Madara

Dear readers,

I would love to make you aware of this amazing and unique experience that I have seen, felt and have thought a lot about. Let me share some threads of thought…

First of all, let me start by making clear what am I talking about. Less than two months ago I had a chance to participate in youth exchange project ‘’Sailing Democracy 2017’’ in Denmark together with truly amazing people from Turkey, Latvia, Denmark and Greece!

First of all, let me start by making clear what I am talking about. Less than two month ago I had the chance to participate in a youth exchange project, called Sailing Democracy 2017 in Denmark togehter with truely amazing people from Turkey, Latvia, Denmark and Greece!

This project was about democratic thinking, that we learnt to understand through different kind of perspectives. Is it easy to form your own society from the beginning? If you would ask me that before this project, with confidence I would say yes, it can’t be that bad. But now, after we were given the chance to form our own little international society, where nobody has an experience and where everyone is completely equal, I could prove myself wrong. I may be wrong about the experience as well, in everyday life we all are a part of some kind of society and we are making one at the moment, so why can’t we use that to make completely new, even better society that we can even call a utopia? Is it possible? That, of course, is a different question. But that is the main reason we were given this chance. After evaluating our society’s strengths and weaknesses, we came to a united conclusion that it is all about communication.  Everything can go wrong with a lack of communication, everything can be solved only using words and communicating.
After being ''put in a frame'', or in other words, when we spent our time on the ship, I noticed and felt that we had learnt from our mistakes and our little society was working even better. Cooperating in such a limited space (and knowing that you will have to spend time with these people) it is important to have a good interaction. Especially I felt that while working in the galley!

I was about working together, as a society, as a group with shared interests, although we all are individuals with our own way of thinking, opinions and background. We learnt, we sailed, we cleaned and we had a great time together. We truly were united in diversity.
This project let me be a part of this magical moment when everyone is absolutely equal, sailing on one big ship in the middle of the waters and at the same time so unique in our own way that we could learn so much from each other!
I find it difficult to describe all the emotions that we experienced because they can’t be put in few words. You just have to see it, feel it and live through it by yourself.


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