Viser indlæg fra oktober, 2017

Ideal Democracy

The last day we had to make a suggestion for the ideal democracy, and express it by a drawing for a postcard.

Below are all the suggestions. We voted for one to use as a Go-cart in Cafés. The first one won.


Fantastic Memories!


Amalies Entry

This summer I participated in Sailing Democracy 2017. This was both exciting, challenging and a trip where I learned a lot and met so many great people. First of all the trip was about democracy, which means I learned a lot about how democracy works in other countries and cultures. I found this very interesting since some of the things the others had to say was a lot different from my own experiences with democracy. Also, looking at the differences gave me a better understanding of my own country, which was a great learning point. We did this through workshops on the ship. We were allowed to work freely in teams to amongst other things try to form our own countries. This was a lot of fun, and we laughed a lot. But also we had a chance to include all the things each member thought was important, and in that way created a country we all would be happy to live in. Besides this we also learned about mindsets and worked with some card games, to get to know our own goals better. I loved t…

What would you tell your grandchildren?

In the evaluation all participants were asked the question: " What do you think you would tell your grandchildren about this experience?"

Here are some of the answers.

First of all hat they should definitely participate in a YE. This project was one the best experiences for me, being in a boat was so different and truly something unique. The difficulties where there but with good friends and great atmosphere everything became a piece of cake. In this project i understood all people are under different conditions but totally we are same. My granchildren, be global citizen and care others thoughts. That no matter how small the chances are that you might be selected, don't give up and try. If you manage to get into the team, you will love the time in the exchange. I will tell them everything about this wonderful experience I will show a lot of beautiful photos. And inspire them to participate in this kind of projects! Happiest moments until I was 19 That they have a yolo gr…

An accomplished challenge from Ilayda

Thanks to Ilayda for these amazing videos! Such incredible work :-)

Part 1

Part 2