Pros and Cons about Democracy by Maira

I want to share what I have learned about democracy by writing my opinion.
Here are three pros and 3 cons about democracy

List of Pros:
1. Equality – everyone can take part in politics, despite their gender, religion etc.
2. Involvement - democracy makes everyone feel important and heard; each person has the                     opportunity to vote, participate in politics and making decisions.
3. Shared power - it doesn’t give power to only one person or lot, but there are a lot of people                 responsible for our future, including us.
List of Cons:
1. It’s hard to make unpopular decisions for saving country, even if there is no other way of                    doing things, because there is a chance of not getting enough support.
2. Shared responsibility is irresponsibility, so if people loses trust in politics, it’s hard to make                them vote and care again.

3. There is a high risk of corruption. And if the youngsters are not educated about politics –                      it’s easy to buy votes from them in some elections.


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